And the treasure hunt begins...

And the treasure hunt begins...

Do you ever crave a good treasure hunt? To go somewhere not knowing what you'll find? As a lover of escape rooms, I find it thrilling to thrift shop for clothes, just as it is when searching for your next clue to find your way out of an escape room experience. When going thrift shopping, I always make a list of key items I'm on the hunt for, like an oversized mens blazer or tan trouser pants and make it a point to find those items as my overall goal. 

Some other preparation tips is to bring gloves or hand sanitizer, a mask, and a tote bag or extra bag to bring home your clothes (we love a sustainable tote to avoid the use of plastic bags). I'd also recommend setting a good amount of time for this endeavor, as you can sometimes end at staying at a thrift store for hours. 

The main things to remember when scouring the racks are as follows:

  • Look for good quality brands by checking the labels
  • Check the fabric content to see if it can be expensive like 100% silk
  • Feel the fabric content and examine for imperfections
  • Trendy vs. classics

Be aware of sale days. Most thrift stores like Goodwill and Salvation Army have "color sale days' where a tagged color, Orange for example, will have an additional 50% off. You'll score the best deals with these color deal days. Also, Salvation Army tends to have the best prices since they price their items by category. Tees can range from $1.99-$3.99 and remain the same price no matter the brand or quality. They're also very well organized these days, so you can always make it priority to shop "tops" one day or "dresses" and "jeans" another.

I also love making sewing projects, so sometimes I look for items that have great potential like an oversized blazer but cropping it into a fitted crop blazer. 

Don't forget to have fun! You can sometimes make a game out of it by bringing on $25 and seeing how many items you can find with that budget. 

Happy Hunting!

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