About Us

Our mission is to continue the cycle of sustainable shopping. To build a collection of unique finds for our customers to explore. We want people to experience the thrill of 'thrift shopping' and the hunt for gems, minus the old clothes smell and tireless shuffling through racks. Our products will always be mindfully selected, cleaned, and cared for to meet 'Vint Condition' standards.We know the Earth has been heavily impacted from waste produced by the fashion industry. Our goal is to foster kindness to our planet by reducing waste through recycled clothing. 
Happy hunting♡

Founder of VintConditionla

Meet Leilani

Leilani grew up in LA and found her love for fashion as a young girl, playing dress up in her mom's closet.

She started her career at age 21 wholesaling and producing apparel for companies like Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, PacSun, and Bloomingdales. Working in the industry, she discovered how much waste is produced from so many manufacturers and businesses in fashion. She'd always loved the fun in thrift shopping, where she could hunt for treasures in her local Goodwill and bring a new life to the pieces she found.

She decided to bring the idea of thrifting and vintage shopping (aka scouring her mom's closet) to an online platform to continue that fashion life cycle. Thus VintConditionLA was born!

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